Industry and energy

Montrose Harbour

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Montrose Harbour is the main focus of industrial activity within the area. It is a historically- important port that can be traced back to the 12th century and recent years have seen its further development as an offshore support facility. It currently caters for oil-related and commercial shipping, including handling and exporting pulp, timber, grain and paper as well as providing significant storage facilities.

In times past, the area had a number of sawmills and watermills for grinding grain and producing cloth. Although the need for these mills has mostly now gone, long-term methods of producing energy are high on the agenda. A small-scale hydro-electric scheme is now in place by the Rottal Burn at the top of the catchment with another planned for further up Glen Clova by the Glen Clova hotel. The possibilities for tidal generation within Montrose Harbour are also being investigated.

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