The South Esk catchment is on the East coast of Scotland and is entirely within the county of Angus. It rises high above Loch Esk on the slopes of Cairn Bannoch in the Eastern Cairngorms at an altitude of about 975 metres before flowing down into Glen Clova where it is joined by the White Water below Glen Doll.

Further down, the Prosen Water significantly adds to the size of the river before it passes through the fertile area of Strathmore and into the unique enclosed estuary of Montrose Basin before entering the North Sea at Montrose Harbour.

River South Esk at Middledrums

The river South Esk is about 49 miles long (79 km) from its source to the sea and has the following main tributaries.

Major standing waters in the area are:

  • the hill lochs of Loch Esk, Loch Brandy, and Loch Wharral in the upper area;
  • Den of Ogil and Glenogil reservoirs in the middle area;
  • Dun’s Dish; and
  • the vast enclosed estuary of Montrose Basin in the lower area.

Geographic Location