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The Atlantic salmon is an important part of the ecology of many rivers in the UK and northern Europe. Studying the life-cycle of these fascinating fish is an ideal way to introduce young people to many aspects of our environment, and indeed of European geography.

Here you can view and download factsheets and worksheets suitable for a younger audience. This interactive map is a great way to bring these resources together.


Interactive Map of the Atlantic Salmon's Life Cycle, Habitats, Threats and Dangers



Atlantic Salmon - An Introduction (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Life Cycle (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Habitats (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Anatomy (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Scales (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Threats (PDF)

Atlantic Salmon - Recognition (PDF)

Sea Trout - Recognition (PDF)



Salmon and Sea Trout Wordsearch (Hard) (PDF)

Anatomy Worksheet (PDF)

How many Salmon Return to Spawn? (PDF)

Salmon and Sea Trout Wordsearch (PDF)

Life Cycle Worksheet (PDF)


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