• Flood Management

    In recent years, the focus on flooding within the catchment has been in the city of Brechin, which suffered serious flooding in 2002. Since then Angus Council has been carrying out a detailed appraisal of options to deal with floods, including:

    • Man-made flood water storage areas;
    • An over-flow channel which would by-pass Brechin; and
    • A wall which could be permanent or be built when needed, using removable panels.

    The preferred option is to develop further flood defences along the north bank of the South Esk, and Angus Council is currently developing the design of this work. The council is also considering whether there may be short-term measures available to deal with the current flood risk.

    There are also other localised areas of flooding, such as at Bridge of Dun and over rural areas, such as in Glen Clova.

    Some tributaries have been dredged in recent years to try and prevent flooding of agricultural fields nearby. However, we believe that the new Flood Directive may see a change of emphasis in managing floods towards area-based solutions. The evidence from the field trials supports the success of these solutions.

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