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    The idea of developing a catchment management plan for the River South Esk had been discussed for a number of years. However, the partnership was only officially formed in April 2008 when funding was secured to employ a Project Officer to take forward development of the plan.

    Why is the River South Esk Catchment so important?

    The River South Esk catchment is the area of land drained by the river and its burns, including its lochs, groundwaters, wetlands, and the unique estuary of Montrose Basin.

    This water resource is of immense value to a variety of users from the local community, to businesses, and tourism providers.

    It is a source of drinking water, irrigation for crops, watering for livestock, a valuable habitat for wildlife, and acts as a basis for tourism, recreation and salmon fishing. The water resource of the River South Esk Catchment is thus a central asset, underpinning much of the rural economy of Angus.


    Download the Dec 2009 edition of the River South Esk Catchment Management Plan


    Who we work with.

    The work carried out by the River South Esk Catchment Partnership would not be possible if it were not for our steering group members and in particular our funders. Thank you to you all for your continued support.


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